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New Providence
Colombian Emeralds International
This jewelry store is proud to be the world's foremost Emerald jeweller, helping people everywhere celebrate life's memorable moments. With so many collections, your bound to find the perfect gift.

New Providence
M Fondas Jewellers
Seashell earrings, exquisitely detailed rare coins, enamelled Imperial eggs, estate and distinctive gold and diamond jewellery, shipwreck treasures, and more at M. Fondas Jewellers.

New Providence
Jewels By The Sea
Large selection of fine jewelry in fashionable styles, metals and finishes.

New Providence
John Bull
Product categories include watches, fine jewelry, leather goods, perfume, cosmetics and cigars. John Bull boasts stores and boutiques throughout The Bahamas and has truly evolved to what most deem "the shopping Mecca" of the Caribbean.

New Providence
Diamonds International
Established nearly two decades ago. What began as one jewelry store in St. Thomas has now blossomed into more than 125 locations. Diamonds International is now one of the largest jewelry retailers in the world.

Paradise Island
Chopard Boutique
This boutique on Paradise Island features an extensive selection of fine jewellery, men's and ladies' watches, handbags and fragrances. Sunglasses, writing instruments and other accessories range from affordable to exquisite.

Grand Bahama
Freeport Jewelers
The sister store and next-door neighbor of the Curiosity Shop, this shop deals in jewelry and a few upscale accessories. Chains, pendants, rings, bracelets and more, ranging from delicate to showy, are displayed in glass cases.

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